Freelancing opportunities for students

Freelancing when studding is always good idea. Not only you get the money, you can hone your skills, It help you to improve your knowledge and learn many new things. When you start looking for job then it help you to impressive addition to your resume.

Student earn money

Student how to earn money

Finding freelancing work is not as difficult as you might think.  Especially if you have fair knowledge of computer or if you learning computer course you can easily get the programming jobs, writing technical article, website designing, graphics designing etc. trust me now a days many students are learning good enough money on freelancing.

Current outsourcing boom you can en-cash it, Lot of startup company prefer outsourcing the job. They looking for people do small jobs for them with tight budget.

If you want to start the work then you can check best freelancing website article. You can check basic requirement for freelancer article to kick start the freelancing job. Here you can find the new project like bug fixing, enhancing, redesign the website other jobs. You can earn monthly easily 100$-200$ if you spending daily 1-2 hours of your free time.

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Top 10 Tips and Tools for Freelancers

10. Make your schedule family-friendly

If you’re going to have to entirely ignore your kids and family when you’re working at home, you might as well head into the office. Career columnist and Wall Street Journal writer Alexandra Levit offered up six tips for working parents to spend more time parenting. They were aimed at anyone with a job, but freelancers certainly have an easier time of shifting their schedules back and ahead, taking web meetings instead of traveling for in-person summits, and involving their children in their work. Photo by Amit Chattopadhyay.

9. Do it without quitting your day job
Why freelance on the side instead of full time? The taxes are a lot more simple, the income a bit more stable, and, best of all, your day-to-day job provides you with countless opportunities to meet and greet future clients and referral helpers. That’s assuming your side gig is kosher with your boss, of course, but if you want to test the waters of selling yourself on the freelance market, do it without quitting your job.

8. Use discounts to get paid on time

Becoming your own Accounts Payable department is new to most freelancers, and not very fun. If you run into clients who are hesitant to pay on time, or leave you on the hook waiting for their next order, try offering a discount or repeat business incentives, as suggested by Web Worker Daily. Give clients a 5 percent discount if they pay within, say, 24 or 48 hours of invoice shipment, or whatever you consider prompt—the cash value is almost certainly worth the time you’ll spend tracking it down and worrying. If clients make you wait forever for their next order, offer a coupon or discount after receiving payment on a gig, giving them a small bit off if they place another order within a certain time frame. It’s easy for small businesses to lose track of freelance people, but they tend to pay attention to dollars and cents. (Original post)

7. Track your work and generate invoices simultaneously

The web is full of freelancers and contractors, and many of them have created better systems for tracking time and sending bills. There are too many free or “freemium” services to try and compile into one list, but, hey, let’s throw out a few. MakeSomeTime is simple, CurdBee handles everything up to the Google Checkout/PayPal payment screen for clients, FreshBooks covers a lot of different aspects of billing, Toggl is a great second-by-second live tracker, and BlinkSale has been generating crisp-looking invoices for years. Any of them are worth checking out, and probably fit the bill better than a gigundo spreadsheet. (Original post)

6. Know what you can write off

If you’re starting to get actual, notable income from your freelance work, the first thing you should do is find someone who knows how to handle the taxes of independent contractors. Gina proved the value of a good accountant in her human versus showdown, but noted that an experienced filer could probably make due with the tax software solution. The Freelance Switch blog also offers 10 easy-to-miss freelancer deductions, like coffeeshop meetings, unpaid invoices, and gig hunting expenses, that any independent worker would do well to look into. (Original post)

5. Find more work

Cold calling is not fun, and if you think it might be, watch Glengarry Glen Ross again. A good lead comes from knowing where people are looking. FreelanceSwitch has compiled a monster list of freelance job sites, though some of them are going to be hired-gun-type, low-paying grunt work. On the other hand, a 10-minute call to your clients can get you all kinds of results you weren’t even looking for. (Original post)

4. Track your pitches with a custom spreadsheet

Who should you call with a reminder that you’re available, and who needs a quick follow-up on a pitch? Those are questions you should have answers for. Web Worker Daily’s Celine Rogue explains how to set up a spreadsheet with drop-down choosers, collated data, and other tools to become a great pitch, client, and job tracker. Half of life is just showing up, after all, and some extra percentage is knowing exactly where and when to be present with an offer. (Original post)

3. Get into the estimated tax groove

If you don’t cover the tax burden throughout the year of not having an employer to deduct social security, unemployment, and other taxes for you, the month of April will truly be the cruelest. Read how our own self-employed readers set aside money for estimated tax payments four times each year (or in other installments), and read how Gina automates her finances to always have the money on hand, even when her income is very variable.

2. Learn your legalese

Besides having to learn the basics of contracts and work rules, freelancers should try to grab the basics of selling and regulating resalable (and different) stock work, as well as know how to stand their ground on copyright, fair use, and Creative Commons. It is, in short, not enough to simply create cool things—you have to know how to shepherd them through the cloudy worlds of commerce and the web these days. Photo by MikeBlogs. (Original posts: legal resources, stock work).

1. Determine your hourly rate

Not every contract will rely on hourly rates, but you’d best be prepared to offer a price if someone asks. The general advice is to aim slightly higher than you figure you should really charge, because you will always, always aim low when you’re determining the time and administrative costs of getting the job done. If you want a more concrete number to base your rate on, try FreelanceSwitch’s hourly rate calculator, which takes your office and supply costs, experience, and other factors into account. (Original post)

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Hire PHP Developer to Take Outsourcing Benefits

If you want stability and continuous growth in the huge competitive PHP website development market you don’t have any option but to organize outsourcing strategy.

In IT sector proper outsourcing is great for supplying low cost products with the best customer services. Outsourcing considerably reduces the overall cost of the products or services yet keep customer services at its best status. Apart from cost saving facilities, long term competitive advantages with value addition while comparing with output and excellence there is no substitute for offshore outsourcing.

There are clear trends that international companies hiring dedicated PHP website developers from professional IT service providers or outsourcing companies. This prevents in-house high cost hiring of PHP website developers and offer low cost hiring environment for PHP developers. Hiring dedicated PHP developers from outsourcing companies allow them to complete their project at half of the cost. Hiring also saves their development cost and maintenance considerably.

There is no quality compromise if you hire a PHP web developer from outsourcing companies. Technical education is cheaper in India than USA so skilled PHP web developer is available at cheaper rates in India. You can get similar services with low budget. Outsourcing companies hire best programmer to render best services for their clients.

There are some distinct outsourcing benefits when you hire a dedicated PHP website developer from an offshore company. The main benefit is cost saving. When you hire a PHP web developer from such companies they take care of all your liabilities. You need not pay for any government tax or any administrative cost. You don’t need to pay incentives or take care of local labor laws or give training to any staff.

You will get round the clock services and support because PHP web site developers as outsourcing companies work in shifts. PHP developers are experts and experienced and this fact you can be evidenced by looking at their development portfolio. Their development portfolio has several projects for PHP development. Their testimonials reveal their online reputation.

PHP developers are proficient in PHP frameworks like CakePHP, Zend and templating systems like smarty etc. They are fluent at English so your communication becomes easy. You will be completely free from the headache like staff maintenance and accountancy related problems because all is managed by outsourcing companies.

After assigning the project you will act like a project manager and directly participate in project management software. PHP web site developers are easy to contact. You can contact your developer by emails, live chats, instant messengers or by international calling system all facilities are provided by outsourcing companies.

If you want to hire the PHP Programmer then now a days you can find many online freelance website so you can hire the programmer without any issue. You can find my other article best freelance website to hire the best freelance for your choice.

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Future of Work at Home Online Jobs

Hopefully you have listened to the new tendency about work at home
online jobs, it is possible that you think that to work from home
and make money is only for a few people with luck, surely you think
that you must be an expert in computers to be able to find an online
jobs, all this is totally false.

Find online jobs is more easy and accessible of which you never
imagined, each day more companies are looking for people that want
to work from home, people that are looking for online jobs, you do
not need to have an specifies age neither to be woman or man, does
not matter your nationality and the best thing of everything is that
you do not need experience either.

Sounds incredible but working at home you can make more money than
many people who have a conventional work, all you need is a computer
and to use the common sense. You can exert almost any profession
working at home, every day are more offers of work at home online
jobs, and you can also create your own home based business.

It is very important to consider that the future of the businesses
world is in Internet, with internet there is no limits, no borders,
your client can be anywhere, any person in the world that want your
product can be your client, that means that you have a huge online
market, work at home online jobs is your door to the world, you must
not have to limit yourself, many people have made great fortunes on
internet business, if they can you can too!!.

The online market is filled with work at home jobs and home based
business that claim you can make money working from your home simple
and easily. You can find lots of opportunities on the internet,
magazines, newspapers, TV, radio, etc. A legitimate work at home
online jobs can be very lucrative. Start a online business can
change your life and be the best life choice you have ever made.

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Photography Business Tips

Would you love the opportunity to make money from your photographs? Do you love to shoot just about anything on camera? Then freelance photography might be just the career for you, but how do you get into freelance photography?

Tips for your freelance photography portfolio:  the first thing you want to look at when considering freelance photography is your portfolio. Your portfolio should be a reflection of the area of photography that you particularly want to specialize in. It should contain a number of different pieces which give a good reflection of the type of work you are able to produce. If you want to do more general work then try to prepare a portfolio for each category of photographs that you are going to be taking.

How to find freelance photography work:  Once you have prepared a good portfolio you will need to start looking for freelance positions. One of the easiest ways to do this is to go onto freelance jobs boards such as, and and search for positions that are being offered on these boards.

Start building brand by creating photography website: If you are still looking for freelance work why not create a website advertising your services? If you are unable to do this yourself then ask for help from someone who knows what they are doing in this area. Once again, freelance jobs boards are a great place to find people to help you with your website.

freelance photography

Freelance Photography

Freelance Photography: You can also find freelance photography positions by contacting newspapers and magazines to find out whether they accept photography from freelancers and whether they have any freelance positions available. You can also advertise your services in local magazines and newspapers to get work from the community.

Writing your freelance photography contract: Once you have found freelance photography work the next thing you will need to do is form a contract with the people who have commissioned work from you. This contract should include the exact nature of the pictures to be taken as well as how many pictures they are wanting, when you plan to have these photographs done by as well as your costs and payment terms for these photographs.

If you are planning on going into freelance photography you should start by putting together a good portfolio of work, preferably specializing in a particular area. Once you have created a portfolio which is a good reflection of you work you will want to search on freelance jobs boards for freelance positions as well as advertising your services in and to magazines and newspapers and creating your own website. Once you have received a freelance position you will need to draw up a contract with your client who includes the details of the work that needs to be done as well as delivery dates and cost and payment terms. If you love shooting things with your camera then freelance photography can be a great job that will allow you to follow your passions.

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