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Distractions at work are a part of a worker’s life and he should learn to accept that. He should develop the right skills of how to successfully deal with distractions like adaptability, flexibility and the ability to adjust in any given situation for his own good or he can go insane everyday of his life. Distraction management is going to be a part of your daily life. You can’t afford to be distracted and in freelancing, time is most definitely money.

If you are a freelancer and striking to earn a living without leaving the premises of your comfort zone your home. The nuisances can be a combination of these:

  • Loved ones such as children, spouses, relatives or even Housemates.
  • Household chores.
  • Internet, television and PlayStation.

Whether you are working in an office or at home does not really matter but how you manage and come-up with effective strategies to best deal with the distractions is the way to go to be successful in your work endeavors. Here are some effective lists of to-dos for office workers and freelancers.

Work-at-home setting

Run. If you cannot ignore the distractions at home, the best way to do is to run away from them and find your working spot in a public library, coffee shop or a partner’s house. These are good alternatives because of the coziness of the spaces and hi-speed internet connection you will get from these spots.

Hide. In the case of not wanting to leave home because most of the things you need are there, why not establish an office space at your house like in a spare room, part of your garage, laundry area or a big closet anywhere that you think is free from distractions.

Fight. This is something very hard to do with all the nuisances in your house. But if you implement rules and regulations for your loved ones this can smoothen the process of your work. Try to be as professional as you can be within your house during your work time so that they get the signal.

Like stress and other work-related traps, distractions are much a part of a working environment whether the set-up is in an office or at home. The ability to deal with them and work with your situation as a worker will test your stamina and determination to continue what you do best. Your adaptability, adjustability and flexibility will help you survive and shine in your work field.

Tips & Warnings

  • Be sure to let whoever you live with know that even though you’re at home on the computer, you’re not just playing around. Every freelancer who doesn’t live alone has to go through hurdles to get their family, significant other, or spouse to understand that being at home does not mean slacking off.
  • Don’t work 14 or 18 hours a day for weeks on end — it’s going to burn you out and you’re probably not going to be able to handle your workload like that for very long. And on top of that, the harder and longer you work, the more prone you are to distractions. Find a happy medium to your at-home work and at-home play.

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