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Working from home is becoming increasingly common as the internet allows many jobs to go remote, but also creates opportunities for freelance writing jobs and other online employment opportunities. With these jobs, workers may never meet their employer or coworkers. Government should encourage company by giving the tax benefits to company who provides work from home options to its employs.

Work from home and Save Planet

  • We can save 60+ billion gallons of gasoline
  • Save 50billions of wasted man hours(Considering the wasting important time waiting in traffic etc)
  • Gourmet can save huge money on repairing roads and infrastructures.

Jobs support work from home

Technology jobs like IT, Telecommunication, Office jobs like documentation etc can be possible

Job doesn’t support work from home
some jobs, like waste management, landscaping, digging ditches for various types of utilities, etc, where manual labor is still required.

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