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Home based work has its own set of challenges. Here is a list of mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Lack of Initial Planning : A home based venture can be started any time and in any manner that you want. There are no plans to be approved and no blueprint to be prepared. However the lack of proper planning can be disastrous. Plan thoroughly before you initiate anything. Think of all the raw materials and resources that will be required. Make sure you have proper understanding of the nature of your work and its challenges. Ascertain that you have some extra funds to meet unseen expenses.
  2. Indiscipline: When you are working from home, there is no one to keep an eye on your work. A temptation to do something other than work always exists. This can be a cause of distraction. A lot of discipline will be required to keep your focus on work.
  3. Procrastination: In the absence of a boss and with no deadlines to meet, you will keep procrastinating. A good strategy would be to set time targets. Time management skills are a common factor to successes of most people. Make a time table and stick to it.
  4. Boredom: When you don?t like a thing, you aren?t going to do it for long. Select a line of work that you enjoy. Working from home usually means long hours of solitude. There is a strong possibility that you will quit out of boredom if you don?t choose an area of work that you enjoy. Taking little breaks from your work can also do wonders to your mood.
  5. Stopping the Learning Process: Working from home means no one to interact with, no one to compete with and no one to exchange ideas with. This may lead to a stagnation of your knowledge base. To avoid this, interact frequently with the people in your field. Keep abreast with the latest developments concerning your field and read more than just the local newspaper. Internet is a great source of information – use it to your advantage.
  6. Compromising the Quality : Home based works means there are no benchmarks with which you can compare your work. A strict watch on work quality is needed. You should always be looking for ways to improve the quality of your work.

Most of the people, who are working from home, may be making these mistakes; but making mistakes is not a sin – it’s a sin when you refuse to correct them. Start correcting them today.

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