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Freelancing when studding is always good idea. Not only you get the money, you can hone your skills, It help you to improve your knowledge and learn many new things. When you start looking for job then it help you to impressive addition to your resume.

Student earn money

Student how to earn money

Finding freelancing work is not as difficult as you might think.  Especially if you have fair knowledge of computer or if you learning computer course you can easily get the programming jobs, writing technical article, website designing, graphics designing etc. trust me now a days many students are learning good enough money on freelancing.

Current outsourcing boom you can en-cash it, Lot of startup company prefer outsourcing the job. They looking for people do small jobs for them with tight budget.

If you want to start the work then you can check best freelancing website article. You can check basic requirement for freelancer article to kick start the freelancing job. Here you can find the new project like bug fixing, enhancing, redesign the website other jobs. You can earn monthly easily 100$-200$ if you spending daily 1-2 hours of your free time.

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